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3 Books to read on Navigating the intricacies of the Contemporary Art Market

The process of entering the art world and forging a career can be fraught with obstacles to overcome. In order to make it simple for artists, curators, art enthusiasts to have insight in the industry, here are 3 Books to read to navigate the intricacies of the industry:

1. Navigating the Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist | Delphian

The business book is aimed at early career artists and helps to equip them with the practical tools needed to approach their careers, shining light upon topics that are often hidden from view. It has been written as a series of opinion pieces covering a breadth of topics rather than a how-to guide, such as how to exhibit and sell your works, as well as providing guidance and support for how to stay motivated, and advise on overcoming the periods of insecurity that a career in the arts can often create.

Navigating The Art World consists of a mix of advice and tips from ourselves, as well as gallerists, curators, artists, collectors, and other industry experts to give some insight on various ways to enhance your art career.

2. How To Be A Successful Artist | Magnus Resch

Written for artists of all levels, ages and mediums the latest book from bestselling author Magnus Resch explores how artists can have a career in the field they love. He answers the most important questions including: How do I find gallery representation? How do I write an artist statement? How should I price my artworks? And what's the best Instagram strategy? Case studies are drawn from interviews with leading experts and practitioners, including artists, gallerists, and curators. It's an invaluable resource to explain the core business principles of being an artist and reveals how to make it in the art market.

3. Making It in the Art World: Strategies for Exhibitions and Funding | Brained Carey

Making It in the Art World, Second Edition, explains how to be a professional artist and shares new methods to define and realize what success means. Whether you’re a beginner, a student, or a career artist looking to be in the best museum shows, this book provides ways of advancing your plans on any level. Author Brainard Carey, an artist himself with prestigious exhibitions like the Whitney Biennial under his belt, draws on more than twenty years of experience in the art world and from over 1,500 interviews with artists and curators for Yale University Radio. Included is a thirteen-part workbook to help you formulate and execute a winning career advancement strategy, a process that will prepare you for navigating the art world successfully.

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3 Books to read on Navigating the intricacies of the Contemporary Art Market

February 1, 2023

Sunshine Alaibe

2 min read

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