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4 Art Spaces & Residencies in Africa Surrounded by Nature

As the global art community continues to grapple with questions of sustainability and our place within the natural world, nature-indulging spaces elope one in a tantalizing glimpse into the present and future of creative practice.

If I can voice it out directly, many artists are seeking out spaces that allow them to feel themselves in natural environments - a kind of refuge; drawing inspiration from the sights, sounds, and rhythms of the outdoors. That's why we have curated a list of four exceptional nature-nourishing spaces that seamlessly blend artistic practice with the beauty of the environment.


  1. Black Rock Senegal | Dakar, Senegal

Located in Dakar, Senegal, Black Rock Senegal is a multi-disciplinary artist residency program founded by the outstanding Kehinde Wiley in 2019, an abode that equally houses his personal studio. Situated on the westernmost point of the African continent, the space seeks to support new artistic creation through collaborative exchange and to incite change in the global discourse about Africa.

Secluded by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the volcanic black rocks that line the shore, and furnished with indoor and outdoor spaces including an indoor garden, Black Rock Senegal provides a contemplative setting for artists from around the world to convene and collaborate, exchange ideas, and let the raw power of nature seep into their creative processes.


2. Nubuke Foundation | Accra, Ghana

The Nubuke Foundation with centers in the leafy suburbs of Accra and the rural expanse of Wa, Ghana, is a contemporary art and cultural institution that serves as a hub for the preservation, recording, and promotion of the country's art and cultural heritage.

Images Source: Nubuke Foundation

Heaping more grands to its gallery spaces, the foundation avails an artist residency that allows creatives to imbibe themselves in the natural beauty of Ghana. Residents can draw inspiration from the lush, tropical foliage, winding rivers, and rich wildlife that characterize the Ghanaian miniature, infusing their work with a deep connection to the land.


3. Lekki Conservation Centre | Lagos, Nigeria

The Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, is a 78-hectare natural reserve that serves as a haven for varieties of plant and animal life. Featuring raised walkways, a tree house, and bird hides, the reserve casts a line of abstractive opportunities for visitors to observe the region's wetlands, savannas, and forests up close.

For artists, the Lekki Conservation Centre provides a tranquil setting to explore themes of environmental conservation, the fragility of ecosystems, and humanity's relationship with the natural world.


4. G.A.S. Farm House

Yinka Shonibare's nature-inspired sanctuary, a 54-acre lush Ecology Green Farm, which produces several kinds of cash crops and staple food indwells the three bedrooms of G.A.S. Farm House. Located a few miles away from Ijebu Ode, inside Ikiṣẹ village, the G.A.S. (Guest Artist Space) Foundation provides the residential space for artists, scientists, innovators, designers, agronomists, researchers, and ecologists to wear on their creative hats in a serene natural environment.

The philosophy and concept surrounding the vernacular architecture of G.A.S. Farm House is to harness sustainability hence, it was built with 40,000 bricks made from earth, powered by solar energy, and its aperture vested with bamboo scaffolds.

And that's a wrap...

Be it perched on the edge of the Atlantic, nestled in tropical forests, or overlooking wetland habitats, you can bet that these locations demonstrate how nature can be a wellspring of creative energy. So, suppose you're seeking to disconnect from the urban hustle and reconnect with the natural world, these spaces offer unparalleled opportunities to let the environment shape and inspire your creative muse.

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4 Art Spaces & Residencies in Africa Surrounded by Nature

June 10, 2024

Fredrick Favour

3 min read

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