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Art Professionals Africa Unplugged: In Conversation with Olufisayo Bakare

Art Professionals Africa Unplugged is now available on all podcast platforms including, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and IHeart Radio!

On this episode, we speak to Designer, & Curator Olufisayo Bakare, Olufisayo Bakare, on her journey to becoming a curator, the responsibilities of holding such a position and the future of the African Art Market as it relies on specific industry stakeholders.on the intricacies of the curatorial practice

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With a background in Interior Design, Olufisayo Bakare has trained her eye to find the rare balance between simplicity with African artistry in her work. Her keen interest in ‘carving the phenomenal out of the familiar’ has inspired her curatorial practice by establishing her as an ally in the preservation, documentation, and representation of African culture through various art forms. She is an integral part of the ‘Precolonial Societies of Nigeria’ program, formulating the teaching manual for the Ile-Ife pre-colonial society. Buttressing this, Bakare is an active member of the ongoing ‘Museums of the Future’ program facilitated by Geothe Institut. She is also the Founder of Interior Living, and The Yellow of Lagos.

This podcast is brought to you by Art Report Africa ( & Pond Collective (@Pondcollective) .


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Art Professionals Africa Unplugged: In Conversation with Olufisayo Bakare

June 20, 2024

Art Report Africa

1 min read

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