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Bwo, Cameroon's Latest Art Gallery Set to Open in September

Bwo, the newest commercial art gallery in Cameroon and Central Africa, announces the opening of its space on September 2, 2023.

Based in Douala, Cameroon, Bwo is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art by emerging, mid-career and established artists from Africa and its diasporas. As a young gallery, founders, Brice Arsene Yonkeu and Noelle Mukete-Elhalaby, want to harness the power of contemporary art to create a multiplicity of dialogues prioritizing cross-cultural exchanges between Cameroon and the rest of the world.

Maud Ntonga, Gallery Director (left) Noelle Mukete-Elhalaby, Founder (center) and Brice Arsene Yonkeu, Founder (right) | Photo credits: Wilfried Koté Amoyi

Bwo has leveraged its vast professional network to support lots of exhibitions for its artists while building and nurturing their growth. As it continues to grow, the company aims to support the next generation of leading Cameroonian artists and curators, providing them with a new platform for expression and conversation while curating a program that transcends boundaries, cultures, and generations.

As cofounder Noelle Mukete-Elhalaby emphasizes, “The opportunity to engage with the materiality of our national heritage and culture lacks on ground in Cameroon, depriving local populations from a part of their identity. We do not want to simply be a white cube centralizing ideas close to our roots. The physical space of the gallery will live at the rhythm of our curatorial but also educational leadership.”

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Bwo, Cameroon's Latest Art Gallery Set to Open in September

August 11, 2023

Art Report Africa

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