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Dennis Osadebe Collaborates with Hermes: A Fusion of African Art and Luxury Fashion

Nigerian mixed-media artist, Dennis Osadebe, has recently collaborated with the French luxury fashion brand, Hermès. This collaboration marks the first of its kind for Osadebe, who is known for his vibrant post-pop art style that reimagines Africa through positive, provocative, and progressive imagery.

Image: Surfing Fan scarf 65

The product is a flamboyant cotton and silk scarf titled "The Surfing Fan Scarf," featuring a visual image of a horse with a fan on its back; which according to Hermès and Osadebe, depicts "equestrian portraiture and personal heritage."

Osadebe's art is heavily influenced by his Nigerian origin and exposure to the western culture, which he blends with classical and contemporary imagery. Through a masterful use of vivid hues, simple geometric forms, and flattened surfaces, Osadebe breathes vitality into his paintings, generating a striking "Neo" aesthetic that feels contemporary, vibrant, and emotive. By centering his artistic vision on "Neo-Africa," he prompts us to rethink the way we conceive of tradition, envisioning it as a dynamic force that can adapt and evolve alongside the changing world.

Osadebe is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lagos, and he recently exhibited with KONIG GALERIE in Berlin on a solo show titled “Do you know how to pray?”. His practice blurs the line between digital and physical, with digitally composed scenes elevated by painted adornments of carefully selected areas. Osadebe's work is loaded with provocative surrealism, meaningful symbolism, and playful humor, presenting a continuing investigation of the relationship between the traditional and contemporary, with Africa at its forefront.

Dennis Osadebe | Photo Credit: Yusuf Sanni

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