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Artist & Researcher, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Dies at 46

Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa | Photo Credit Stuart Williams

Wolukau-Wanambwa, who worked in London for much of her career, was one of a number of artists who have in recent years undertaken research that involves delving deep into archives and elucidating histories that had been made invisible, whether because documentation has been lost or because those in power chose not to archive them. Working across a number of mediums, Wolukau-Wanambwa analyzed how European colonialism continues to impact African countries today, most notably Uganda, where she was based for several years.

In their announcement of her passing, her family said that Wolukau-Wanambwa was “serenaded on her way by a chorus of voices and an upswelling of love and affection.”

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Artist & Researcher, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Dies at 46

January 11, 2023

Art Report Africa

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