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Fresco Gallery presents “Solitude,”Gbolahan Ayoola’s debut original, limited-edition print release.

March 30 - April 27, 2024 | AMG, Lagos, Nigeria

Fresco Gallery presents “Solitude: The Fortunate Loneliness of Being on a Path Less Traveled” a solo exhibition of original, limited-edition prints by Gbolahan Ayoola. After two decades of mastering traditional mediums, including painting and drawings, Ayoola embarks on an exploration of new

media, including printmaking, animation, and digital art.

Ayoola strives to articulate theprofoundness in moments of seclusion and introspection. Exploring new, contemporary mediums, he combines the old and the new, drawing inspiration from the past and the present. Each print, derived from his iconic bodies of works “The Blue Woman” and “We Are The

Re-Agents,” is meticulously hand-painted, hand-signed, and digitally designed by the Artist, ensuring unquestionable intentionality and authenticity.

"Solitude, to me, is a sacred ballet of renewal, contemplation, devotion, and strategic contemplation. It is

within these silken threads of solitude that we unravel the tapestry of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions, paving the way for personal metamorphosis and inner enlightenment. Furthermore, my artistic inquiry into human behavioral nuances through the prism of anthropology adds an enigmatic layer to my creations. By decoding these intricate symphonies of human interaction, emotions, and cognition, I aim to craft pieces that resonate viscerally and provoke deep contemplation and soul-stirring reflection in the beholder." - Ayoola Gbolahan

Installation Image of Exhibition | Courtesy of Fresco Gallery
Installation Image of Solitude | Courtesy of Fresco Gallery

Installation Image of Solitude | Courtesy of Fresco Gallery
Installation Image of Solitude | Courtesy of Fresco Gallery

Opening Times:

March 30 - April 27, 2024

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

AMG Projects

4 Rasheed Alaba Williams, Lekki Phase 1

Lagos, Nigeria

Closed on Sundays



Gbolahan Ayoola (b.1977) is a gifted and prolific visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Born and raised in the palace with a blend of traditional Yoruba culture and Christian beliefs, blossomed into a renowned contemporary African artist. His upbringing, steeped in the dichotomy of Esu and Christ, sparked his interest in exploring the theme of coloniality in African art. Despite initially failing to grasp the artistic significance of his surroundings, Ayoola's inherent talent flourished naturally. Educated at Obafemi Awolowo University, he discovered his artistic prowess exceeded that of his teachers. Through dismantling Western colonial influence and embracing African heritage, he emerged as a captivating artist with a unique perspective.

Ayoola's works have garnered international recognition, with exhibitions in prestigious galleries worldwide. His art is featured in prominent collections, included in reputable institutions such as the World Bank in Washington, USA; African Finance Corp, Nigeria; and The Nigerian National Gallery of Arts, and showcased on various digital platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime. He has received numerous awards, including the “54 Nigerian Art Masters" from the Greek Embassy of Nigeria. A mentor and facilitator, Ayoola continues to inspire the next generation of artists and push boundaries with his thought-provoking creations. Gbolahan has thrived in the art industry for over 20 years. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife, with a Bachelor’s in Fine/Applied Arts.



Fresco Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with a distinct focus on original prints and editions by emerging and established African artists. Since its establishment in 2022, the Gallery has showcased and collaborated with artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and the African diaspora, fostering connections across various African cities.

At the heart of Fresco's philosophy is artist collaboration and accessibility for collectors. Our mission is to encourage a new generate of art enthusiasts while advocating for the integration of prints and edition-making within the realm of contemporary African art. Operating primarily online, with periodic physical exhibitions, Fresco Gallery is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Fresco Gallery presents “Solitude,”Gbolahan Ayoola’s debut original, limited-edition print release.

April 1, 2024

Art Report Africa

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