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Galerie Atiss Dakar presents a special exhibition for Summer 2023

Galerie Atiss Dakar

22 Jun 2023 - 22, 2023 | Dakar, Senegal

Galerie Atiss Dakar is delighted to present a special exhibition for Summer 2023, featuring a chosen selection of esteemed gallery artists drawn from their extensive collection.

Among the artists featured are Senegalese talents Amadou Camara Gueye and Serigne Mbaye Camara, recognized for their significant contributions to the artistic landscape. Their works testify to their mastery of a variety of techniques and their ability to tackle profound themes such as cultural identity and heritage.

Amadou Camara Gueye, Course à la Plage, 2010 Woodblock print (Xylography) 19 7/10 × 25 3/5 in | 50 × 65 cm Frame included Edition of 2 | Courtesy of Galerie Atiss Dakar

In addition, the work of South African artist Themba Khumalo, whose art captivates audiences with its unique artistic style. His creations embody a powerful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in visually striking and thought-provoking works.

The art of Malian artist, Moussa Traoré, will also be featured in our exhibition, offering a glimpse into his creative exploration of social issues and cultural narratives. His works reflect a deep understanding of the human experience and convey profound messages through visual narratives.

Ba Ousmane, Les Combattants, 2022 | Wood panel, Material: Sumi, japanese pigment on washi, (japanese paper) Technique: Collage and painting | 200 × 140 cm | Courtesy of The Gallery

The Galerie presents the work of Ousmane Bâ, a Senegalese artist currently based in Japan. Ousmane Bâ’s work is a fusion of Eastern and African influences, resulting in a harmonious and distinctive blend that reflects his cross-cultural experiences. Finally, the exhibition will feature the creations of Cedric Mizero, an esteemed Rwandan artist whose works resonate with viewers due to their introspective and emotive nature. Mizero’s art embodies a poignant exploration of personal and collective memories, inviting contemplation and dialogue.

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Galerie Atiss Dakar presents a special exhibition for Summer 2023

August 15, 2023

Art Report Africa

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