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Johnnie Walker Collaborates With Victor Ehikhamenor To Create Limited Edition Bottle

As the world's leading Scotch whisky brand, Johnnie Walker has partnered with renowned Nigerian multidisciplinary artist, Victor Ehikhamenor, to produce hand-crafted ceramic bottles illustrating an interpretation of Lagos, the commercial centre of Nigeria.

Keep Walking Mural in Lagos Island

The collaboration between Victor Ehikhamenor and Johnnie Walker should come at no surprise as the alcohol brand collaborated with the artist during his 2019 solo exhibition "Daydream Esoterica" at Rele Gallery. In honour of that relationship, the partnership creates an opportunity to combine art with innovation with respects to the artists' creativity and the the brands ingenuity.

As part of Johnnie Walker's "Keep Walking City" Collection, the partnership with Ehikhamenor has unveiled a limited edition series of 2,500 Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles–designed with 'AIR-INK'. With dedication to re-introducing the Johnnie Walker brand into the cities younger demographic, the launch was also accompanied by a special wall mural positioned behind 'Freedom Park' in the City of Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing the distinctive Johnnie Walker logo with the empowering brand commitment to "Keep Walking".

Visual Artist, Victor Ehikhamenor

Victor Ehikhamenor has exhibited in various exhibitions across the globe, including Venice Biennale, the 12th Dak’art Biennale, Biennale Jogja XIII, 5th Meditationa Biennale and Art X Lagos.

He participated in the 2023 Art Basel Hong Kong alongside Retro Africa Gallery. He is currently showing his work, “Cathedral of the Mind” at the South London Gallery in the Lagos, Peckham, Repeat (Pilgrimage to the Lakes) group exhibition.

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Johnnie Walker Collaborates With Victor Ehikhamenor To Create Limited Edition Bottle

August 18, 2023

Fredrick Favour

1 min read