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Kò Art Space set to open 4939, a solo exhibition by Odun Orimolade


February 3-March 10, 2024 | Kò Artspace | Lagos, Nigeria

kó is set to open 4939, a solo exhibition by Odun Orimolade, featuring an immersive new body of work that extends her exploration into unseen spaces, spatial dimensions, and super-fluidity as a site for the implosion and explosion of plausibility.

Odun Orimolade is an artist, academic, curator, and cultural practitioner whose practice embraces experimental and trans-disciplinary approaches. Her work addresses concepts of space, overlapping realities, and the intangible, leading to investigations of human behavioral tendencies, orientation, and interaction. With an interest in drawing mediums, Orimolade weaves threads between material culture and sociocultural influences. This exhibition brings together five new series that incorporate drawing, sculpture, installation, collage, mixed media, video, and participatory intervention.

The Nines , 2023  mixed media on board  60 x 60 cm
The Nines , 2023 mixed media on board 60 x 60 cm

In conceptualising the exhibition, Orimolade explains: “It is probable to think maybe what we learn about the universe through our senses and scientific tools could be a spectacular illusion. It is so sophisticatedly expansive we cannot definitively prove its truth. 4939 explores the matrix of the unseen, familiarity and its impact on our navigation. The generative expanse of infinity and myriad of possibilities can simply be called ‘Wonderful’ in the spread of the nines.”

Odun Orimolade’s presentation is a continuous experimentation in articulating processes of existence, revealing the interconnectedness of our shared experiences. Simultaneously taking the role of a scientist, botanist, astronomer, and mystic in her works, Orimolade seeks the unspoken wisdom revealed in the unknown.

Infinitum, 2023  mixed media drawing on paper  43 x 63 cm
Infinitum, 2023 mixed media drawing on paper 43 x 63 cm

The Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, February 3, 12-6 PM.

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Odun Orimolade PhD is an alumnus of the Yaba College of Technology and the University of South Africa. She lectures in the Fine Art Department at Yaba College of Technology. With a rich history of service and leadership, she has served as coordinator for the UNESCO/UNEVOC Center for Research and Sustainable Development, Sub-Dean of the School of Art, Design, and Printing, and curator of the Yusuf Grillo Gallery. She currently serves as the Curatorial Director of the Yaba Art Museum. Orimolade is also a Research Fellow of the College of Human Sciences, University of South Africa, she is strongly committed to collaborations for creative development.

Orimolade is a member of several professional bodies and has presented at several exhibition spaces such as Museum of Contemporary Art, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil; WORM Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands; MOCADA Museum, New York, US; Nubuke Foundation Accra, Ghana; Lilith Performance Studio, Sweden; NIROX Foundation, South Africa; Bern Performance Festival, Switzerland; Jægersborg Dyrehave Forest Park Nature Reserve, Denmark; Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Denmark; NLH Space, Denmark; Korong Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa; Goethe Institute Salvador-Bahia, Brasil; and Out of Site, Chicago, USA. She has also participated in several artist residencies, recently at the Vila Sul Goethe Institute Salvador Bahia, Brazil in with support of the KFW Stiftung Foundation, Germany. Her diverse experiences and contributions underscore her commitment to the discourse of contemporary art practice and cultural development.


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Kò Art Space set to open 4939, a solo exhibition by Odun Orimolade

January 28, 2024

Art Report Africa

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