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Nigerian Photographer Taiwo Aina Awarded the 2024 Women Photograph Grant

Nigerian visual storyteller, Taiwo Aina, has been selected as the recipient of the Women Photograph 2024 Grant, a prestigious recognition in the field of visual journalism, for her visual photography masterpiece, "Game of Confidence," winning $15,000 in total prize. Aina, along with five other talented photographers, received a $5,000 grant under the Women Photograph Grants, while being awarded a $10,000 grant through The Women + Leica Grant, as the overall winner.

Aina's acclaimed project, "Game of Confidence," documents the lives of six female boxers in Lagos, Nigeria. Through her lens, Aina explores the multidimensional motivations these athletes have for pursuing the sport—from developing self-confidence to seeking fame, earning extra income, or staying fit. Her work balls up to themes of gender equality and women's empowerment, highlighting the impact of boxing on the individual lives of these women and the broader struggles they face in a city like Lagos, and Nigeria at large.

The Women Photograph 2024 Grant aims to support women, nonbinary, transgender, and intersex documentary photographers of any nationality in visual journalism and bring attention to crucial stories that might otherwise remain untold. Aina's achievement spells out to the world her skill and dedication to storytelling, and her project serves as an inspiration for photographers and women in sports alike. Prior to her win, the freelance filmmaker's contribution to visual storytelling was recognised widely by mainstream outlets like CNN, the New York Times, Guardian UK, Anabelle Magazine, the Africa Report, and Reuters.

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Nigerian Photographer Taiwo Aina Awarded the 2024 Women Photograph Grant

July 1, 2024

Fredrick Favour

1 min read

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