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OMENAI Launches Omenai Gallery - Presenting Kwaku Owusu’s Debut Solo Show, at Its First Physical Space In Chicago’s West Town

Omenai Gallery launches its first physical space in Chicago’s West Town, presenting a selection of

works by Ghanaian artist Kwaku Owusu - open 19 July to 23 August 2024 (open between 11am-

6pm). This marks the artist’s first ever solo show, and debut solo showcase in the USA.

Kwaku Owusu | Artist

In-Between Ashes alludes to the African culture of being in community with people with shared interests. In this new body of work, he looks at the urgency of both ideas, individuality and community, in relation to the themes of identity and human connection. What happens when two or three are gathered, and with a shared goal? How do we hold each other up? How do we care for one another? How do we hear each other without making a mockery of our needs?

Kwaku Owusu echoes post-pandemic questions like these as people continue to search foravenues of connecting with others more than ever before. Could this need to stay connected with others while maintaining our personhood be a trauma response?

With each painting in this series, the artist leans into the intensity of energy released when people gather as one. In a classic Surrealist manner, he explores the conscious and subconscious realms by presenting both physical and spiritual beings as unique individuals within a community.

Gbenro Adeyemo, Founder says:

"I am pleased to inaugurate Omenai Gallery with the exceptional works of Kwaku, an artist whose vision and technique uniquely blends both figurative and abstract art. Kwaku was chosen as our first artist because his work resonates deeply with our mission at OMENAI: to celebrate and elevate the diverse voices of African artists. Our initial connection with Kwaku was serendipitous, discovered through our dedicated efforts to seek out and collaborate with artists who bring unique perspectives and creativity to the forefront.We are thrilled to begin this journey with Kwaku and look forward to many more inspiring collaborations."

Omenai Gallery, which is located at 1716 W Grand Ave, is launching three years after the OMENAI brand, a natively social media and digital editorial platform, was created. The digital-physical expansion follows a wave of interest from artists, collectors and enthusiasts,who since 2021 have lauded the brand for democratizing access to the contemporary African art market, both on the African continent and throughout its diaspora.



Gbenro Adeyemo, Founder & CEO of OMENAI,
Gbenro Adeyemo, Founder & CEO of OMENAI,

Gbenro Adeyemo, Founder & CEO of OMENAI, is an avid advocate for African contemporary art,and aseasoned technology leader with atrack record of driving innovation and transformation across various industries.

His career began at JP Morgan and Deloitte, where he worked as a Technology Analyst and Consultant, collaborating with dynamic teams to implement innovative solutions company-wide. In 2021, he founded OMENAI, an innovative online platform aimed at democratizing access to African contemporary art, fostering global connections among artists, galleries, collectors, and enthusiasts.



OMENAI, which means creative in the Bini language of Benin, is the leading technology platform to discover, buy, and sell Modern and Contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. Founded in 2021, as a social media and digital editorial platform, its mission is to democratize global access to the contemporary African art market. OMENAI exists as a community building space, providing transnational industry news and insights and carving its identity as an active support system for artists, galleries, collectors, and enthusiasts alike. Now launching its first physical gallery space in the city of Chicago, OMENAI is committed to forwarding its mission through thoughtful partnerships and collaborations, and continues to serve as a nexus of activity across emerging market sectors with the upcoming launch of the OMENAI app.

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OMENAI Launches Omenai Gallery - Presenting Kwaku Owusu’s Debut Solo Show, at Its First Physical Space In Chicago’s West Town

July 7, 2024

Art Report Africa

3 min read

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