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The Winners of the Art Report Africa Prize!

The Art Report Africa, in collaboration with DICA Arts, have announced the distinguished winners of its First Art Prize Edition.

After careful deliberation, Kaleef Lawal, Nduka Ikechukwu Michael & Ambeke Yewande Patricia, were selected as the top talents from a fantastic pool of candidates.


The 2023 Art Report Art Prize Winner


1st Prize

Chris Soap, The branch wants to keep on branding

Kaleef Oladele Michael, a graduate of Photography from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, has a creative process that revolves around extensive research, continuous learning, and deepening his understanding of his roots, tribe, and tradition. This foundation has shaped and fueled his current exploration, wherein he delves into traditional face paint designs, masks, and other culturally significant objects to engage with social issues, pay tribute to customary deities, and celebrate the essence of his culture.



2nd Prize Winner

Nduka Ikechukwu Michael, a Fine and Applied Art graduate from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, took the second place. Drawing inspiration from his environment, identity, ideology, and especially his tribe as it relates to human relationships and existence, Nduka's artistic medium transcends creative adornment with strap belts woven into colourful tapestry. His art forms are mainly influenced by his tribe (Igbo) ideology of Ogbuefi, Akuluono, and Igba Boi, all of which uphold the concept of power, economic strength, and the politics of trade and commerce in Nigeria's southeast region.



3rd Prize Winner

Khadija Jayi, The relics of the earth 043, 2023, B ... ed paper, plastic and acrylic, 106x86,5x10 cm

Ambeke Yewande Patricia is a self-taught Nigerian artist who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.


Bright contrasting swirls of colour create the figures that dominate in Ambeke's paintings. She is fascinated with unraveling different states of the human mind which she depicts in her abstracted figurative art. Her figures often depict personal experiences with swirls of contrasting colours representing positive and negative emotions such as joy, hope and anxiety; where each painting allows for spontaneous brush strokes/movements.


Ambeke has a BA from the University of Lagos in Pharmacy. She was a finalist for the 2022 Kuenyehia Prize for Contemporary Art and has been a part of several exhibitions all over Nigeria and in selected shows in the United States. 


The Winners Will Receive a variation of the following prizes:

- A Cash Prize

- A Special Feature on Art Report Africa and all our media outlets

- An Art Report Africa "Art Package"


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