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Art Professionals Africa Unplugged: In Conversation with Aisha Aliyu-Bima

On this episode we have a special interview with curator, writer and photographer, Aisha Aliyu-Bima, who opens her largest curatorial project next week at the Yemisi Shyllon Museum in Lagos, Nigeria.

Art Professionals Africa Unplugged | With Sunshine Alaibe and Special Guest, Aisha Aliyu-Bima

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Titled, ’AREWA?’, this exhibition presents a deep and nuanced look at Northern Nigeria, featuring its various cultures, its people and the predominant ideas that make up Northern identity in today's Nigeria. With a long history of Negative Stereotypes fuelled by the media where northern parts of Nigeria have been seen to have alot of insecurity, violence, underdevelopment and more, Aisha walks us through the historical and cultural necessity of this exhibition, and its need for demystifying the preconceived views of the north.

With a whopping 40 Artists and over 80+ works, This exhibition will be the first of its kind at the museum and probably the most comprehensive curatorial undertaking of Northern Art to date.

Aisha is the Director of Arts at the African School of Economics, Abuja, Nigeria.Her work mainly focuses on Africa's contemporary arts through the lens of Language, Conflict, Material and Reparations.

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Art Professionals Africa Unplugged: In Conversation with Aisha Aliyu-Bima

July 4, 2024

Art Report Africa

1 min read

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