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Johanes Francis Kuwornu becomes the new Director of Noldor Residency

Johanes Francis Kuwornu becomes the new Director at Noldor Residency succeeding Joseph Awuah-Darko, who has transitioned to the role of Chairman after leading the institution since its inception in 2020. He will focus more on his artistic practice and other projects.

Noldor Residency
Noldor Residency

In the role of Residency Manager at Noldor Artist Residency in Accra, Johanes efficiently oversaw the operations of the artist residency program where he managed diverse initiatives and coordinated events for over 40 fellows. Proficient in employee coaching, recruitment, and conflict resolution, he fostered collaborative environments, emphasizing growth and community engagement.

Previous experiences include roles as a Graduate Assistant at the African Studies Department and an Administrative Assistant Intern at the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management. He also contributed as an Assessor-Talents Team member for the Young African Leadership Initiative.

Dedicated to leveraging psychological expertise, Johanes aims to drive organizational success, promote creativity, and cultivate inclusive work environments through practical experience and academic prowess.

Johanes Francis Kuwornu and Joseph Awuah-Darko
Johanes Francis Kuwornu and Joseph Awuah-Darko

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