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O'DA Art Gallery Opens 'The Re-Agents: Amplified' a solo exhibition by Ayoola Gbolahan

March 26th– April 15th, 2023 | Lagos, Nigeria

Over the last five years, Ayoola Gbolohans work has explored notions of the African Renaissance, where traditional and cultural knowledge of past generations has the power to inform and influence future generations of Africans. In this new body of work, Gbolahan captures the essence of an amplified cultural understanding of what it is to be Nigerian, & African by extension. In his words:

“The Re-agents are a group of people–that exist in my country–that are particular about wanting to re-define the culture of the Nigerian people. They are using tools of the older generation to fight the cultural powers of the west and rebuild this continent from the ground up. We must let our history teach us how to handle our present and future.”

Portrait of Ayoola Gbolahan | Courtesy of O'DA Art Gallery / Photo by Clement Ogoh

Using bold colours, alternate shapes and expressive lines in his compositions, the figures are a visual manifestation of an emboldened generation whose creativity, innovation and exposure have redefined different facets of African Culture. Drawing reference from Modern art, film, and African folklore, the artist collapses these narratives to create abstract interpretations of an energetic and influential society–one that has a yearning for regeneration and cultural improvement.

Ayoola’s awareness and concern about socio-political tensions, economic crises and increasing levels of migration, underpin this new body of work, suggesting that we must connect with the history of our past in order to inform and take ownership of the power of African culture & narrative.

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O'DA Art Gallery Opens 'The Re-Agents: Amplified' a solo exhibition by Ayoola Gbolahan

March 25, 2023

Art Report Africa

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