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Top Exhibitions to See in Lagos, Nigeria This Weekend

As the weekend approaches, we expect Lagos residents to prepare for the various exciting activities such as Owambes, parties, movie dates, and more to cool off the hectic week. For those interested in the art community, you don't have to miss out on these prime relaxation and exhilarating experiences. We've curated a list of top art exhibitions on our radar that you can visit this weekend in Lagos.


  1. Kò: Matters of Essence II | A Group Exhibition

Kò's group exhibition "Matters of Essence II" is a collective exploration of the materiality and tangibility of creative expression. It features varying artists who propound on how the concepts of identity, perception, and belonging are influenced by the symbolic representations of their chosen mediums, demonstrating the conduit influence of cultural diffusion on artistic endeavours.

Date:15th June- 20th July, 2024

Venue: Flat 2, 36 Cameron Road, Ikoyi, Lagos


2. Yenwa Gallery: Be Here Now | Laju Sholola

Laju Sholola debuts her solo exhibition “Be Here Now” at Yenwa Gallery. The artist’s display encourages viewers to be present at the moment through his enchanting visual expressions through profound exploration of self-perception, transformation, and the quiet power of stillness.

Date: 9th June - July

Venue: 1-7 Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos


3. Windsor Gallery: Wired and Unwired | Musa Ganiyy

Windsor Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition "Wired and Unwired" by artist Musa Ganiyy this weekend. The exhibition uncovers the interplay between interconnected societal issues that besiege Nigeria and the country’s long-standing power issues while exploring the phenomenon of the Nigerian experience.

Date: 1st June - July, 2024 

Venue: 4C Gorilla St, Victoria Island, Lagos


4. O'DA Art: Fieldnotes From A Master: Argungu Series 10 | Moses Oghagbon

Opening at O'DA Art this weekend, "Fieldnotes From A Master: Argungu Series 10" by Moses Oghagbon, focuses on the artist's exploration of Argungu, an emirate in Northern Nigeria. Oghagbon, known for his heightened sense of colour and atmosphere, has spent nearly three decades chronicling Argungu, moving beyond the conventional depictions of its popular fishing festival to present a more comprehensive visual ethnography of the region.

Date: 15th June- 13th July, 2024

Venue: 10 Sir Samuel Manuwa St, Victoria Island, Lagos


5. John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History| Home: The Origin of All Poems

This weekend, the John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History hosts a classic indigent exhibition titled "Home: The Origin of All Poems," which celebrates the transient connection between the Yoruba people and their ancestral lands. 

Date: 15th June - 22nd June, 2024

Venue: CCV3+CJ3, Onikan Round about, Lagos Island

John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History


6. Thought Pyramid Art Centre: Lagos Region Art Exhibition

Thought Pyramid Art Centre is showing its Lagos Region Art Exhibition themed “Humanism” this weekend.

Date: 15th June - 6th July, 2024

Venue: 96 Norman Williams St,  Ikoyi, Lagos

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Top Exhibitions to See in Lagos, Nigeria This Weekend

June 12, 2024

Art Report Africa

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