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SFMOMA and MoAD Announce Joint Curatorial Position on Art and Culture of The African Diaspora

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) have recently announced a joint curatorial position dedicated to advancing scholarship and public engagement with African Diasporic art and culture. The new role will be fully funded by SFMOMA and will generate a new pipeline for curatorial talent in the field of African Diasporic art. The selected candidate will work with the curatorial teams at both museums, developing exhibitions, programs, publications, and acquisitions that explore the artistic and cultural contributions of artists of African descent from around the world.

Created by Alex Gill

This joint curatorial position is part of an ongoing collaboration between SFMOMA and MoAD, which began in 2019 with the joint presentation of the exhibition "Soft Power", featuring works by 20 artists from 12 countries that addressed the role of art in social and political change. The partnership also includes cross-promotion, reciprocal membership benefits, and shared resources and expertise. The collaboration between these two entities is important as it highlights the significance of African Diasporic art and culture and promotes inclusivity in the museum field.

As Neal Benezra, director of SFMOMA, stated, "SFMOMA and MoAD share a common vision of celebrating the diversity and richness of art and culture from the African Diaspora, and we are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with this innovative joint curatorial position. We look forward to welcoming a new colleague who will bring fresh perspectives and insights to both institutions and help us engage our communities in meaningful and relevant ways."

"MoAD is honored to partner with SFMOMA on this groundbreaking joint curatorial position, which reflects our mutual commitment to supporting and showcasing the work of artists of African descent in all its forms and expressions," said Monetta White, executive director of MoAD. "We believe that this partnership will not only enhance the curatorial capacity and impact of both museums, but also create a model for collaboration and inclusion in the museum field."

The creation of the joint curatorial position follows several other significant appointments at MoAD, including the hiring of Emily Kuhlmann as director of exhibitions and curatorial affairs, Demetri Broxton as director of education, and Mark Sabb as director of marketing and communications. MoAD has also welcomed four new members to its board of directors: Kimberly Brandon, Belva Davis, Deborah Santana, and Lava Thomas.


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SFMOMA and MoAD Announce Joint Curatorial Position on Art and Culture of The African Diaspora

February 27, 2023

Fredrick Favour

2 min read

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