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Mosope Olaosebikan Opens The First West-African Digital Museum

First West African museum where history and culture is preserved and showcased in a digital format

Mosope Olaosebikan | Founder Art Tech District | Photo Credit: Tobi Adebeyi

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, within the entrepreneur’s expansive tech hub-The Art Tech District, The Discovery Museum has progressively changed the narrative surrounding redundant museum culture to one that is immersive and memorable using cutting-edge technology and digital-storytelling. The museum aims to bridge the gap between Nigeria’s historical past and the next generation while building a community of creatives, and providing them with  a safe space and platform to express themselves.

“We want the museum to become a cultural center for conversations about poignant issues of the past, present and future. The Discovery Museum is currently exploring the use of the latest virtual reality technologies to create immersive experiences that transport visitors to different periods in Nigerian history.” - Mosope Olaosebikan | Founder

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Mosope Olaosebikan Opens The First West-African Digital Museum

April 27, 2023

Art Report Africa

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